Grandparents’ Day

The grandparents’ day celebration held at Modern School on August 28, 2023, was a heartwarming event that bridged generations. Students from nursery to grade 5 participated enthusiastically, filling the atmosphere with joy.

The festivities commence with the lighting of the lamp by our esteemed principal, accompanied by some of the grandparents. The students of UKG charmed the audience with their welcome songs and spirited dances to tunes like ‘Dada Dadi Nana Nani’ and ‘Woh Kisna Hai’ by the students of LKG.

The enchanting Bihu dance by grades 2 and 3 students captivated the audience, evoking feelings of joy and nostalgia among the grandparents. Grade 1 and 2 students then graced the stage with a mesmerising Ballet performance. Spectacular skits like Baal Leela and Kaliya Naag, presented by grades 1 and 2, left the audience thoroughly impressed. Grade 3 students portrayed the intergenerational connection through a role play on ‘Old and New Beginnings’.

The spellbinding Kathak performance by grades 4 and 5 girls immersed grandparents in the rich tradition of Indian classical dance. Additionally, interactive activities such as guessing old jingles and solving riddles organized by grades 4 and 5 students added laughter and nostalgia to the gathering. It was indeed a celebration filled with cherished memories and meaningful connections.

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