Founder’s Day

Modern School celebrates Founder’s Day on October 30 every year, to honour the vision of our esteemed Founder. The event took place at the school premises, welcoming students from grades Nursery to 12 to participate in various sports activities.

A series of team games including Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Tug of War, Kho Kho, and Table Tennis were organised. Additionally, individual games such as Chess, Rubik’s Cube, and Arm Wrestling were also part of the festivities.

The participation was marked by enthusiasm and vigour as students showcased their sporting prowess in large numbers. Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to the first, second, and third winners respectively, recognizing their outstanding performances.

Founder’s Day not only celebrated sporting excellence but also served as a platform for the development of essential life skills. Students honed their self-management, communication, and social skills, embodying virtues such as courage, open-mindedness, principle, balance, and self-confidence. Founder’s Day showed how Modern School approaches education: with friendly competition and teamwork.

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