Science City Field Trip

Field trips enhance student learning by providing opportunities for students to explore and connect classroom learning to the real world. With this idea students of Grade 4 visited the Science City, on 25th of October 2013.

The students visited different parts of Science City like ‘Energy section’, ‘Fun Science section’, ‘3D science show’, IMAX show and taramandal show.

Energy section had different exhibits on different forms of energy e.g. heat, light, mechanical, electrical energy etc. It also had exhibits on energy and its production, its practical application, environmental issues and many more.

In the Fun Science section kids experienced various complex concepts of science in highly entertaining form. There were various experiments on the concepts of light and sound.

The 3D, imax and taramandal show was the most fun for the kids and students wanted to see them again.

All in all students learnt with fun and real life connections.


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