Lifelong excellence with academic excellence

“Four out of five children starting school this year are likely to enter careers that do not yet exist, using technology that has not yet been invented.”

Education is to prepare a child for life. To make a child resilient; to make a child able to think and learn independently; to facilitate the intellectual, social and emotional growth of the child.

In modern times knowledge gets obsolete every day. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be the individual who cannot read or write, but the one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. So instead of making children just consume knowledge, we have to also make them capable of learning how to research new knowledge and learn on their own. Education must aim to enable a child learn ‘how to learn’.

Education is not the mere learning of knowledge which is to be reproduced to pass an examination. True education happens when children create their own meaning of life by exploring and researching in the real world.

To face the future shock of a fast changing world, our schools must seek to create persons who are actively inquiring, open-minded, resilient, innovative, caring, humble and principled who can face uncertainty and ambiguity and can create new meanings to handle new realities.

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