Grade 7 students research insectivorous plants

Grade 7 students, in groups of two, researched insectivorous plants using iPads in the Inquiry Lab. Thereafter they presented their findings and had an amazing session of knowledge sharing.

When students research in teams and then present their findings, they automatically develop their self-management skills, social skills, research skills, thinking skills and communication skills. All these skills are important for children to be successful in life.

The purpose of a school is to prepare children for life. Vidyatree Modern World College not only focuses on imparting knowledge to a child but it ensures that each child becomes an independent learner so that he/she can face any challenge in life.
The school’s mission is to make each child an independent thinker so that his/her knowledge is not just restricted to the text given in the book but he/she develops a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject.









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