Private unaided schools – Autonomy of management

Despite the fact that ours is an unaided private school, the local government took upon itself to try to interfere in the school’s administration.

The Honorable Supreme Court in the case of T. M. A. Pai Foundation & others v. State of Karnataka and others (Supra) has held that ‘’in the case of unaided private schools, maximum autonomy has to be with the management with regard to administration, including the right of appointment, disciplinary powers, admission of students and the fees to be charged and there is no compulsion on students to attend private schools.’’

On the basis of an appeal The Honorable High Court Lucknow bench has again stayed (order dated 14.5.2010) the local government’s effort to interfere in the school’s constitutional rights as per the above mentioned ruling by the Supreme Court of India.

The effort of the government to interfere in private unaided schools reminds us of the License Permit Inspector Raj that shackled Indian industry till 1992.

For example- before 1992 Indians could get only Ambassadors and Fiats with obsolete technology. Now we have the latest and the best in the world – Suzuki’s, Hondas and Toyotas.

In education at present we have a large number of competing schools to provide the best world class education, but if we introduce the License Permit Inspector Raj and freeze the fee there will be more and more schools with obsolete curriculum and methodology.

The controls will have the effect of smothering innovation and entrepreneurship, and raise barriers to up gradation of existing schools.

The new kind of schools have innovative curriculum, are more than examination focused, who aim at the development of complete human beings, who have latest technology and latest higher cost facilities, don’t get any aid or donation by any party and totally depend on fee charged from students for everything.

The government by trying to control the fee structure of these innovative schools with latest facilities, is trying to retard the modernization of education in the city.

Sundry persons looking for an opportunity have also started a Parents Association to suppress the development of modern education in the city and this will be opening the gates of all kinds of interference in schools’ working and their exploitation by many parties.

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