Let’s check out the new washrooms…

Amusing as it may sound, an ultra modern boy’s washroom, furnished in greenish marble, is the reason for joy for all the boys at school! Constructed on the fourth floor of the old building, the toilet is no less than the ones in the lavish five star hotels or the malls.

Its the new centre of attraction, and a popular topic, specially among the tiny tots of classes II to V.
Huge mirrors, well equipped sinks embedded into a large marble slabs, stalls with sensors, dry and clean floors, barrier free access and good amount of natural light.
We may as well go ahead and say that going to the washroom has become a part of a daily ritual rather than a need for the senior boys!

Rakhsay says, “I love to use the new Bombay styled washroom.”

As well the juniors aren’t lacking behind. One can find the tiny ones enjoying with the new taps, new sensory stalls, but most of all, admiring themselves in the mirror.

Aakash says, “It’s so entertaining to see these tiny chaps running all the way from first and second floors to use the top floor washroom and enjoying themselves in the mirror.”

The best feature of the toilet is cleanliness. A regular washroom attendant can be located every time.

Subhendu, a student of class IV says, “I like using this toilet ‘coz it smells good, and everything is so clean and distributed. Even the flow of water is far better from the old toilet”.

The automatic sanitary system makes it more pleasant for the students.

A new Modernite from Delhi had this overwhelming response of the new washroom. He says, “I never had such big toilets in my last school. Our new washrooms here have so big mirrors that I’m able to see myself easily.”

Another student accompanying him appreciated the clean and neat floors, which are always dry.

“I hardly would use the old toilet not even in case of emergency but now even when I don’t require using the toilets I still come and look through the mirror. Thanks to the Principal sir who thought about us and got constructed the new restroom for us.”

The Modern already has three well made girls washrooms. Keeping in mind the students and the high standard the school sets for itself, The Modern is also planning to renovate the old ground floor toilets for the pre-primary and primary kids.

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