Dheeraj Harihar

Dheeraj Harihar (passed class 6th in 1996)

Though I studied only upto class 6th at The Modern, I’d like to give my response too. Having completed my second-half of schooling at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, I got a BTech at MNNIT, and worked for 2 years at Aricent (formerly Flextronics SS). Right now I’m pursuing my masters at IISc and enjoying student-life yet again.

I feel the roots of my interest, in always having some physical sports as hobbies, lie at The Modern. Of course with my parents’ encouragement, I tried learning Judo, Swimming, Skating, Horse-riding and dance -all at The Modern, and the funny part is that I still have most of these as my current hobbies. Over the years, Judo transformed to Taekwondo and now its Kung-fu, Swimming transformed to Diving and break-dance to dance-stunts and Taichi 🙂

At The Modern, I learn’t how to enjoy studies and strike a balance between studies and extra-curriculars. I remember the psychomotor training in KG with tyres (to go through them on command),  and the SUPW classes. Participation in various ‘house’ activities and competitions made me more self confident, which helped me once I grew up, especially in making career decisions. I still remember all the science fairs I participated in, which helped in honing my creative skills.

I fondly remember the 8 days trek to Har-Ki-Dun I had gone to when I was in class 5th. I feel proud of having studied at the school, with such a powerful mission statement, and wish the school all the best in the years to come.


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