My school plays an important part in educating me in this difficult time

My feelings on corona virus

Due to corona virus [covid -19] I have some difficulties and some easy parts of my life for ex- I cannot go to play but I can spend some time with my family. I am able to spend more time with my otherwise busy family. We try to spend quality time with each other. We play various board games, read books and play music to spend our time.

I know it is a very serious problem but those whose immunity is strong they will not suffer much but those whose immunity is low are prone to this dreadful virus. My school plays an important part in educating me in these hard times. We are asked to stay protected by washing our hands in every 20 minutes and not to eat junk food and special emphasis on eating home cooked food. Always keep a sanitizer with you and wear a mask when in public place.

My school has started online teaching which helped us to learn and recall our things, my school has given us a home daily routine and we have to follow it. Yesterday was a public curfew and it can be on any day due to corona virus so we may be alert and help our nation to fight against the Corona virus. The most important ‘do not stop taking precautions and stay safe and stay at home!!!




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