Unique career counseling program for students of classes 11th and 12th

Continuing our tradition of putting the interests of the students first The Modern School has tied up with Univariety to assist parents and children in navigating through the complex process of planning for college.

Univariety specialises in the field of university access and higher education counseling. It is a part of the Singapore based ‘International Education Gateway’ and has operations in UK and India as well.


On Republic Day 2012, the first Univariety workshop took place, conducted by Mr. Varun Agarwal, who had specially come from the London office of Univariety.

The summary of the workshop is as follows:

  • The Modern School is the first school in North India to tie up with Univariety.
  • Univariety has ties with some of the best international and progressive schools in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.
  • Univariety will assist all students in class 11th and 12th, through a series of workshops conducted at The Modern School and the online portal.
  • Each student will be helped to identify the career he/she wants to take up after class 12th and the college and course he/she needs to target.
  • Univariety will use its extensive database and network of thousands of Indian and foreign colleges and computer technology to find the most suitable college for each student.
  • Mr. Agarwal gave examples of little known colleges and courses which but were excellent options for admission.
  • Like the Indian Institute of Packaging has such a specialized course that each of its graduates get placed in a national level retail company with salary more than of a IIM / IIT student.
  • Univariety will assist the children in the complete college admission process and even after to get financing for fee or apply for a scholarship.
  • The children and parents present were very happy with the workshop and look forward to singing up and future workshops.

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