Rank holder in ISRO

Student of Modern School made to top 11-500 rank holders

The Above quote truly satisfy not only to me but to the whole world…

This is Aradhy Srivastava of Grade 10 Red, recently ISRO conducted a series of events by classifying it to All India Ranking Category, I was also eager to know more about the competition and eventually I discovered a link in the newspaper of the same event for registration. I represented our school and participated in ISRO Cyberspace Competition (ICC) in essay writing (9-10th category), fortunately I was able to win a position in top 500 winners over All India Merit List in category of grade 9th to 10th. It was my first time and hopefully I succeeded too, but why I sharing this to all of you?

Certainly, our school is favoring an ecosystem where we really learn by our experiences, we should really go to our destination not by classifying that we are fighting for the rank but we should dream of it by our open eyes and do work for what we are dreaming, we have students who can secure top positions over AIR category not only by top 100 but also by securing first in the competitions in which they are readily participating in. If I say about my experience I was competing for my position within 1,00,000 students but I wasn’t fighting for a rank I looked over my content what I wrote and I kept writing till I haven’t satisfied my soul to topic of “space and telecommunication” I exaggerated to quotes and complied all of the information which I received via internet. Ultimately, I used up the period of Lockdown effectively and made best of the time and I shall also advice each and every student for using their time by maintaining a dialogue with your soul and make best of time too.

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