3 out of 10 Vidyatree Modernites crack NIFT exam in first attempt

Kriti Srivastava

Three students Vidyatree Modernites cracked the NIFT Mains in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of excellence in creativity  developed among students in the school.

Debsmita Dey : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Prep

Kriti Srivastava : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Nursery

Dhanur Dravid Singh : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade Nursery

Ques. What was your preparation routine?

Debsmita Dey : I gave a small portion of my time say 1 hour or 2  to my nift preparation, daily. I noted down the portion I have to study the next day,the night before,to avoid time killing.I used to check for nift previous year papers

   I  read newspaper for the knowledge of current affairs,.  I used to check for creative items in google and all these helped me to crack nift round

Kriti SrivastavaPreparation routine was like I used to study for 5-6 hrs daily rather than waiting for the last day. I focused on daily self study

Dhanur Dravid Singh : I had a very simple routine..that was to give 1 hour daily…and it wasn’t specific that I had to study and prepare for a continuous one hour..I just divided that time into small fragments of 10-15 mins

Ques. What is one secret to your success?

Debsmita Dey : Some Days I didn’t had much time to spare out for NIFT but i made sure i give it even  at least half an hour on those days,,to maintain regularity.I would say regularity led me to success.

Kriti Srivastava : My one secret to success is my mentor, my guide,my teacher ,my friend-an art teacher from my very own school ,who turned to be my counseller and the best mentor .She is none other than-Mrs ALKA BAGGA (Maam).Thankyou so much maam.

Dhanur Dravid Singh : My one secret to success is Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am……the only way I have qualified this is because of her..

Dhanur Dravid Singh

Ques. How has the school helped you to grow? How did school help to develop your creative instinct?

Debsmita Dey : Any amount of praises to the school would be less.School has been very supportive,School has always encouraged me to do different.The school believed in me and gave me various opportunities and platforms to prove myself .

  The school never posed a burden on me which helped me to excel.I  took part in various art competitions ,which the school brought me  the opportunities , helped me to develop my creative instinct and special thanks to my art teacher Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am,who always believed in me and pushed me.I am very thankful to my school for my  success.

Kriti Srivastava : School played the main role in my success as it focused on learning without cramming and not mugging up .school helped in developing my creative instinct as  many counselling workshops took place in my school which made me aware of my creative ability and interests (especially the pearl academy workshop)

Dhanur Dravid Singh : The school played a very important role. Firstly me selecting the field of design as my career.

Great thanks to our principal, Meena ma’am and our founder sir, Mr.Rakesh Kapoor Sir for letting me know that there are fields other than the Orthodox ones and are going to be more profitable in the near future.

And lastly Mrs.Alka Bagga ma’am helped us the most ……she has worked harder than us to make us shine.

Ques. How are you preparing for NIFT Counseling?

Debsmita Dey :  In nift counseling,usually the candidates are allotted nift campuses as per their merits,so basically i am  focussing on my spoken English ,to cast a good impression .I read newspaper for this.

Kriti Srivastava : I am preparing for nift counselling by searching on internet and watching various videos of alumni of nift and getting more and more information about rankings and previous years campus placements and selection.

Dhanur Dravid Singh : I’m basically shortlisting the campuses where I can learn the most and have the greatest exposure possible.

Debsmita Dey

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