Yes! It is a picnic day: Malay Pandey

Well the 17th of September was a great day in terms of weather due to the fact that it wasn’t sunny neither humid. The day was well planned and thought of for the water park trip. The day started at the school but today was different. The students wee more happy and excited than usual.

The Amrapali water park was about to open soon. The students did the prayer ad after brief talking we took off in the buses. We reached the park in about 45 minutes of bus ride.

The welcome was pleasing and were met with snacks and drinks. Then we changed into our swimming costumes and from that moment it was way all splashes. We put on sunscreens just in case and after some precaution talks we let ourselves in water. There were three pools of different depths and we had the time to play in each one.

It was crazy fun with the pop music and best friends in the pools. We played volley ball in water with our teachers.

We had a lot of fun and  on the slides and rides. The big see- saw, the wave pool and then the food.

The food was a very interesting combination of Chole bhature and fried rice. The trip ended with ice cream cups and I am sure it’s a day which will be in the conversation among children ever.

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