Student Led Conference by Pre Primary

“Student-led conferences reflect the belief that students should be creatively involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process. Through the student-led conference, students become more motivated, reflective and evaluative. They also become more critical in their approach to Learning.”
Learners demonstrated their understanding by doing many activities independently infront of their parents and teachers.
Grade Nursery did an activity ‘we are same yet we are different’ by putting things in the correct columns, count me and find my number, put the correct letter on the picture. Where as Grade LKG performed many activities such as ‘Main akshar houn picture meri pahechaan,alag alag humdono hain hame milana hai aapka kaam’
Like this Grade UKG talked about healthy and junk food and they also expressed how this is important for us in our daily life.
Learners expressed their knowledge and showed their responsibility of reporting their learning to parents.

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