Socrates House lifts the trophy, India awaits..

Victorious team with teachers

It’s the day that everyone was waiting so eagerly, everyone wanted to see team which Team will lift the title of Senior Inter house cricket tournament. It’s the big finals. The match was between the underdogs Socrates team and the hot favorites Krishnamurti team.  The crowed was very excited and they were cheering for their respective teams.

Today again the Socrates team’s captain Jaish Bahadur won the toss and decided to test the strong batting lineup of Krishnamurti team led by Aviral Singh. Everyone was expecting a high scoring game and a fiery start from batting side as they demolished the bowling attack of Gita team in previous match. But it’s the big match and the pressure of finals let down the batting side as their strong batting lineup fell very quickly in search of some quick runs. They set the target of only 22 runs. Once the target was so small, it was just a formality to finish the match. Socrates team didn’t take any risk; they assess the condition and played very patiently. In the end, Socrates team chased down the target without losing any wicket. Adarsh was declared as MoM for giving early damage to the opponent (took two wickets and a catch).

In the other match between Gita and Vivekananda team for third place, the later beats the former comfortably. Aryan Raj was the star of the match.

This tournament teaches us (learners) to have faith in ourselves, believe in your positives and work on your negatives; never let others to decide who you are. Never lose your temperament, stay mindful in every situation and you will definitely win, even if you are considered as Underdogs.

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