Skills Development Program- A teacher’s reflection

Skills Development Program- A teacher’s reflection

Summer vacations were an opportunity to develop the necessary life skills in the students and also to keep them productively busy during these disruptive times.

The Corona pandemic has thrown a serious wrench into most summer camp plans for kids. Thankfully there are still options for kids and parents to keep busy and active while maintaining safe social distancing through virtual summer camps.

We at Modern School tried to keep our learners happy and engaged while we all worked through the COVID-19 crisis.  The parents and the children thoroughly enjoyed the summer camp.

During our 15 days program, we conducted many activities for our Little Kindergartners and it was an enthralling experience for our little munchkins.

Some of those fun-filled activities were:

  1. Non-Fire Cooking: Learners made bread pastries and cut it assuming it was their birthday. And they also made lemonade.
  2. Origami: Learners made beautiful paper fans and  Lion with the help of papercraft.
  3. Painting and Printing: Learners became artists with the help of fork and vegetables and made paintings.
  4. Explore the Science: Learners did great experiments with the help of color-changing gems and also did an activity ‘How to blow balloons?’ with the help of vinegar and baking soda.
  5. Cartoon character: Learners acted as their favorite cartoon characters and enjoyed a lot.

The virtual Summer camp of grade nursery was successfully conducted with lots of fun and frolic.

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