School Picnic with a bag pack of memories

Life’s best lessons are not learnt in closed class rooms but out in the open!

How would it feel like, if you get a chance to get relaxed from this scorching heat??
Well, without any doubt,  it will be an awesome feeling.

            To get some relief from the studies and learn the attributes of self management and responsibility the students of class 1st to 12th went for a school picnic to the Neelansh Theme Park and Resorts on 4th of August, 2018.

It was bit tough to calm our kids down after seeing the big pools filled with cold, clean and clear water.
Once they changed, KERSPLASH!!.
They did not take long to jump into the pool. Seeing our little pure souls enjoying every moment to the fullest was a moment of bliss for everyone.

The students had the pleasure of enjoying the warmth of the sun after days of rain while splashing about in the pool of water. They also enjoyed themselves on the dry slides and the toy train and had tremendous fun. Thus all in all it was a fun filled trip that was enjoyed by all.

The day ended with everlasting memories for all.

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