School inculcated social and academic skills in me, says Sanyam (ICSE topper)

Sanyam Jain scored 97% in 10th

I Sanyam Jain of class 11 has been a part of this school for 12 years and the school environment has helped me a lot in inculcating social as well as academic skills. I scored 97.2% in my boards. The school’s teaching faculty guided me through all my problems and as a result of the immense hard work from the teachers part and mine, I was able to accomplish this task. I feel like daily revision of what is taught in the school and trying a few questions of all subjects daily will be just sufficient to get good grades. I managed my studies in such a way that most of my study time was given to self study. The pre boards that were taken before the boards gives you the glimpse of what type of questions would come. I had set a target before me and to achieve it, I dedicated myself to studies, kept myself motivated and paid heed to all the advice of my respected teachers I believe doing these things will get you through all the examination easily.

During this whole preparation and the exams I developed some of the most important skills and abilities of life like Inquirer, Thinker etc and above all how to manage yourself and your time.

Sanyam Jain

11th Science

Sanyam Jain scored 97% in 10th

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