Practice makes a man perfect

“Practice makes the man Perfect”

VMWC is a place which focuses on building up the concepts other than just cramming the things. It also teaches you to handle all the critical things with ease and comfort. So, besides learning using traditional education system our class 11-C understood the concept of accounts by using 21st century education system.

Continuously studying a subject for 3-4 hours is too boring and makes all the students lethargic. To cover the topic with efficiency and full understanding, we performed an activity to learn the concepts of the chapter “Bills of Exchange”.

Today in our accounts class our teacher asked us to make the chits of all the students present in class, these chits were picked up by students one by one and whose name is asked on the chit is given a task to enter the transactions related to the topic on white board all the class were noting down the correct answers, if a student answering right, the whole class clapped for him/her and if the student answering wrong he/she had to apologize to the whole class by saying sorry thrice. This activity build self-confidence in themselves and they also realized in which area of the chapter they need to practice more.

Through this activity student’s listening and learning skills were tested and developed too.

Khushi Kesarwani

Student 11C

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