Mindfulness is the key to happiness

Mindfulness is the key to happiness

Mindfulness gives children the tool to focus their minds, to make a choice. Mindfulness also improves the attention span and self- regulation. It can be seen as a set of basic life skills that can improve performance in most stages of life. Mindfulness can also improve physical as well as mental health and helps in relieving stress.   

The students of Modern school, right from the Nursery grade are taught in different ways on how to be mindful and how to live in the present moment. The story of the ‘Seven sheep’ is a classic example to teach children to be mindful.

During one such session in the school children of Nursery class enjoyed some magical moments of Mindfulness by enacting the “Seven Sheep story”. 

Now that our classes have moved to the online and off-campus mode yet our curriculum and methodology have not changed we are still providing resources to add mindfulness in the daily routine of the child. Our goal is to be their trusted source for effective mindfulness practices and information. We also share stories to help them to navigate the stress and help them communicate compassionately with others especially during this time of stress.

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