Learners of LKG learnt about color in natural and manufactured environment

Learners of LKG red were introduced to their first unit of inquiry
Theme – How we express ourselves
Central idea – colour is used in natural environment and in manufactured settings.
LOI – 1
How colours can be used in our  natural environments
Learners learnt  what are natural and man made colours. They brought the things from their home like – lipstick,leaf,plastic toys, handkerchief, real flowers, turmeric, vegetables and many more items.
They displayed these products under two different headings ‘Natural things’ and ‘Man made things’ . Based on students’ understanding, they displayed the items on the board.
LOI -2 
How colours are made and can change
Learners did colour mixing activity. Two primary colours were put on their palm for example – red and yellow. Then we sprinkled some water on their palms. Learners  rubbed  their Palms and they saw how two primary colours can mix and form a new secondary colour. Learners also did  squeeze and mix activity.They brought a white colour handkerchief. They dipped the handkerchief  in the water and squeezed it. Then they folded the handkerchief four times and used fabric colours with the paint brush and learned how colours can be used in many ways .
LOI – 3
Identifying colour in manufactured settings.
Learners learnt how colours can be used in our manufactured settings.
Some pictures were given to them and they recognised their  colours in real life and coloured them accordingly.
Through out the unit they inquired about natural and man made colours, primary and secondary colours, colours in manufacturing products and many more .

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