Janmashtami Celebration at Modern School

THE HOLY TRADITIONS MUST CONTINUE… moving on with this positivity we at MODERN SCHOOL, Lucknow were determined to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami despite the fact we could not have festivities with our students. Janmashtami , the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna, was celebrated  on 12th August, 2020 as World is One Eco-system with great enthusiasm and fervour, while taking a virtual route this year. 

It was altogether a very new experience for teachers, students as well as parents and a remarkable one. The main theme of our Janmashtami celebrations was World is One Eco-system Vs Individual Selfishness Ego-system thinking. Our school’s events were inspired by this thinking while reminiscing the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

The program was conducted separately online in all the grades from Nursery to Grade 12. Almost all the children in the school participated in the program.

Little kindergartener boys from the pre-primary wing dressed up as Krishna and the girls dressed up as Radha made the class (screen) look beautiful and bright. The performances done by students (Fancy Dress and Dance) reflected the hard work done by the parents. What was most fascinating was that parents shared their efforts and experiences during the program and thanked the school management who gave them the opportunity to be creative. Like one parent shared that her daughter’s dress was stitched at home especially for the program. The students also reflected the theme of Eco-system versus Ego-system by sharing the teachings of Shri Krishna. 

 Some of the children recited the poem ‘Krishna Mera Superstar’ and some of them danced innocently on various songs of Radha and Krishna.

In grades 1 and 2 , the children made beautiful drawings and paintings on the life events of Lord Krishna and narrated short stories based on the life events of Lord Krishna

In grade 3 and 4 also there were numerous dance performances and Bhajan singing by the children. There were a variety of performances in each grade.


In higher grades the student performances were mainly based on eco-system vs ego-system thinking. There were enactments of dialogues between Lord Krishna and Arjun,and Lord Krishna and Bhishmapitamaha on the battlefield. 

Some excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita were also transformed into role-plays. Shlokas from the Bhagavad were narrated by some children while admiring the attributes of Lord Krishna.


All in all the celebrations were a success and to an extent we achieved our goal of instilling the teachings of Lord Krishna in our children and make them aware of our customs and traditions.

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