Introducing ”THE RED LINKS”

” THE RED LINKS “ is the name of the newly formed school band. It was inaugurated with new instruments and a new look by our esteemed founder/director Mr. Rakesh Kapoor.

The Band members who themselves have selected the name said that the reason for selecting ‘Red Links’ as their name was that music runs in their blood and like the body cannot survive without blood similarly they cannot survive without music. Music is their heart and soul.

Amidst the presence of all the students and staff the band started of with a Saraswati Vandana.

After that a medley of guitars, drums and keyboards was presented by The Red Links. A beautiful parody of songs from the movie Rock On, Backstreet Boys – You are my Fire etc left the audience enthralled and mesmerized.

Nobody could get enough of the music and the whole auditorium echoed with applause and cheerings long after the band had stopped playing.

The Band also played in the dance party that was organized in the school and made everyone dance to their tunes.

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