6 Vidyatree Modernites crack IIT-JEE Mains in first attempt

Six students Vidyatree Modernites cracked the IIT-JEE Mains in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of academic excellence developed among students in the school. The students were felicitated on the Prize Day with Excellence Medals and Certificates and were showered with blessings by their teachers and the school Principal.

Jayesh Gaur : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade KG

Yashi Sahu : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade II

Apurv Rajput : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade V

Ayush Katiyar : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from Nursery

Amal Narayan : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from grade I

Anushka Prakash : is a VIDYATREE MODERNITE from Nursery

Ques. What was your preparation routine?

Jayesh Gaur : Preparing for an exam like IIT-JEE required a clear strategy, a plan that is followed on daily basis. I was focused on devoting atleast 10 hours a week specifically for IIT-JEE, whatever the situation maybe. Gradually I increased the number of hours and was focused on solving more and more questions each week and whenever I was stuck, I asked my teachers. Following the plan on weekly basis was essential.

Yashi Sahu : I gave most of my time to self study and coaching. I practiced from last year’s JEE Mains papers. I studied 8-9 hours daily and watched some funny youtube videos to relax my mind.

Apurv Rajput : My preparation routine to regularly study for a fixed period of time every day. The focus was understanding the depth of the concept and its several applications. Extra curricular were also taken care of to fight the anxiety of exams and to be active. Regular sleep was also taken of 7 hours.

Ayush Katiyar : Studying 1-2 hours then seening youtube for recreation. Studying late night and getting up late in the morning.

Amal Narayan : I studied for about 3-4 hours (self study) beside my studies in school and coaching. I created a balance between the study of IIT-JEE and boards by creating a bridge between the syllabus of the two. According to me, we don’t need to self study everything from beginning, all we have to do is to just connect the studies and knowledge we gathered from our school.

Anushka Prakash :  I maintain constant routine of basic learning and solving old question papers and solving mock tests.

Ques. What is one secret to your success?

Jayesh Gaur : No secret but regular practice and a strategy to succeed was only required.

Yashi Sahu : One secret to my success is having a balanced routine. The most important thing is to make a proper balance between school hours, self study and enjoyment.

Apurv Rajput : The continuous support of my mother, which helped to battle the stress and negativity, was the secret to my success.

Ayush Katiyar : Secret to my success is thinking a bit diffrently.

Amal Narayn : One thing that I think might be the secret to my success is the determination and more important from hardwork is smartwork. Because on the level of preparation for JEE, the main thing that will help is smart work and having an attitude to crack JEE.

Anushka Prakash : My secret to success was constant hard work and dedication towards my studies.

Ques. How has the school helped you to grow?

Jayesh Gaur : School has provided me with ample of opportunities that has helped me evolve as an individual. My speaking skills, traits of questioning each and every aspect of a topic were instilled and nurtured in me by school throughout my journey of education. I have not words enough to express my gratitude.

Yashi Sahu : Unlike other schools, there was no pressure on us for academic performance in Class XII. This one thing helped me a lot to focus both on JEE and Boards.

Apurv Rajput : The school has helped me in several ways. It has provided me a fear free environment to engage  my curiosity with science. Mentorship from caring teachers was equally important in fostering a creative and inquistive mind.

Ayush Katiyar : The school has helped me by making me creative which is very necessary quality today.

Amal Narayan : The school has helped me in ample of ways to grow. The school had developed the quality of self confidence and determination in me and the main thing my school taught me was how to face the setbacks courageously and work hard to overcome it.

Anushka Prakash : School has taught me the basics to grow up and I am blessed to have such a good and trained faculty which has trained me to grow higher .

Ques. How are you preparing for the IIT-JEE Advanced?

Jayesh Gaur : Solving myriad of questions daily of high quality to freshen up the concepts. Focusing on various concepts simultaneously and regular practice. Nowadays, studying 6 hours theory and at least 7 hours of questions solving is a must.

Yashi Sahu : Syllabus of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains is same. Therefore I am going through the whole syllabus again and doing last year’s advance papers.

Apurv Rajput : For the preparation of JEE-Advnced solving old test papers is very critical. Understanding the concepts clearly and rather than cramming up will help me.

Ayush Katiyar : I am preparing for advance by solving a lot of JEE Advanced question papers and solving in given time and open book and preparing some semi weak topics.

Amal Narayan : I am preparing for JEE Advanced by joining the test series for Advanced and solving questions from books of various authors and also by revising the notes. 

Anushka Prakash : As I’ve cleared mains so I have to do much more hard work and give my full dedication towards clearing IIT JEE advance for this it is very necessary to constantly solve questions of advance level.

Ques. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Jayesh Gaur : I see myself as the owner of a web based organisation that aims at joining people from different walks of life. Also, if I got the opportunity to be part of India’s representative system, then I would love to introduce reforms in India’s educational system.

Yashi Sahu : Ten years from now I see myself as a successful entrepreneur or a professor in a college.

Apurv Rajput : I see myself as an independent physicist and an educator, helping students to achieve their full potential.

Ayush Katiyar : 10 years hence, I want to be a programmer or some physicist.

Amal Narayan : After 10 years I would like to see myself in Google, as since my childhood Google was my dream, now to work with Google is my aim and I would definitely want to serve my knowledge and dedicate my life to Google.

Anushka PrakashI see myself as a successful person with a good reputation and designation.

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