I have observed that he has developed immense confidence

One of the important things is that he has developed
interest in reading, writing and learning nicely.

To the Wonderful teachers, staff and management of the VMWC!!!
KG Red
VMWC, Lucknow


Indeed, it is a matter of pleasure to express our views grown over a period of year. At the time of admission of my son ANIMESH here in VMWC, we both were so anxious taking his education and
developments although we have been told about VMWC by my colleagues whom children’s are also in VMWC. I think school is a place where any child make the base for his further developments in all
sectors of their life whether it is being social, mental, education or professional and very confidentially I can say that ANIMESH has gained record improvements in all these segments. Over the
passage of time I have observed that he has developed a lot in his confidence as earlier he used to
be somewhat introvert. We feel very good on our decision to get his admission in VMWC, when I
saw him leading his friends whether it is educational events, social gathering etc.

Here studies got converted in to fun, which can be felt daily if parents spent some time just by asking
what they did today, what they learned today. One of the important things is that he has developed
interest in reading, writing and learning nicely. I used to amazed on seeing speaking and following on
matters being it like environment related e.g. savings of water, growing of plants, importance of sun,
social and family behaviour e.g. how to pamper younger, how to behave with elder, how to talk etc.
etc. apart from his subjective knowledge in which he has improved very well. I don’t have any hesitation and doubt to write that the credit of all these goes to teachers specially Heena Srivastava
at VMWC who is creating very good environment of learning and developments all around my son
ANIMESH and imparting educational, social and family behaviour in a very tremendous way. Her role
in ANIMESH’s development will be unforgettable.

One again Thanks to teachers@VMWC!!!
Thanks VMWC, Thanks Almighty.

And wish, a long way to go for VMWC.

Dr Poonam Verma

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