Hindi Saptah 2015

To celebrate Hindi Diwas , an entire week from 14th September to 19thSeptember was celebrated as ‘Hindi Saptah’ with various activities to inculcate awareness about Hindi. Each day special assembly was conducted with quite interesting activities like use of ‘lokokti’ (idioms) and ‘muhaware’ (proverb), meanings of words, Hindi numerals etc. The students of VI-XII enthusiastically participated in all the activities.
The activities were concluded with an inter-house Quiz on ‘Bhartiya sanskriti’ and a ‘Paricharcha’ (Discussion) on ”Bharatvarsh me Hindi bhasha ki ghatati lokpriyata aur Hindi ke punarsthapan hetu sujhav” i.e. Diminishing popularity of Hindi language in India and suggestions for its re-establishment. The students were well prepared and expressed their views impressively and fluently. The audience also participated in the discussion with relevant questions. More light on the topic was thrown by the Principal Ms. Meena Kane and event was concluded by Head of the Hindi department Dr. Saroj Rai.

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