The Graduating Year of IB – PYP celebrated its exhibition 2017

“Gr 5 presentation is like research done by scholars before they get their PhDs”
Ms Shalini Fate, Coordinator, IB PYP Programme, VMWC

Rev. Father Alwyn Morris, Principal of St. Francis with Our Principal Meena Kane Ma'am and the Graduated students of Grade V

Grade 5 is the highest class of Primary Years Program of International Baccalaureate. This Saturday, our Grade 5 graduated. But before that, like Shalini Fate Ma’am pointed out, they presented their research to parents and teachers. The idea is to showcase how our children have picked up research skills that have come to be part of learning. Present on the occasion were Father Alwyn Morris, the chief guest, Rakesh Kapoor Sir, Meena Kane Ma’am, Siddhartha Kapoor Sir, Shalini Fate Ma’am, Grade 5 parents and teachers. Most parents were pleasantly surprised to note the kind of topics that had been picked up this year

They talk about the sensitive and burning social issues like Terrorism, Poverty, Child labour, Women empowerment, Religion conflict, Old age homes, Animal rescue and Energy conservation. They expressed themselves through variety of performances like Nukkad Natak, Skits, Dance and Debate with so much ease and effectiveness that it left a lasting impression on the audience.

They not only identified these issues but also conducted in-depth research for almost 3-4 months to dwell deeper in to these issues through the conceptual lenses like form, function, connection, causation, change, reflection, perspective and responsibility and throughout their exhibition journey they thought of actions which they, at their level, can take to bring about the change.

During the process of conducting research and presenting finding; students were demonstrating the application of their research, social, thinking, communication and self- management skills. They were displaying the attributes of ideal learners like being inquirers, communicators, thinkers, principled, open-minded, reflective, knowledgeable, caring, balanced and last but not the least courageous. They were busy exploring, experimenting, evaluating and making conclusions about the issues. Their learning through first hand experiences was authentic and meaningful.

And to everyone’s surprise their involvement in the whole process and the final products were to be assessed by the teachers and mentors to see how they have grown as learners in their PYP years. This Exhibition was a culminating event for them to earn the PYP Graduation Certificate and get promoted to middle years. What an interesting, engaging and challenging way to assess the knowledge and skills! Its way beyond the traditional memory based tests.It was almost like doing a mini Ph.D.

It was a privilegto have Rev.Fr. Alwyn Moras, Principal of St.Francis College as the Chief Guest of the day who in his speech appreciated the students for their extensive research and presentations. The event was marked by the gracious presence of our founder Mr .Rakesh Kapoor and Director International Education Mr. Siddharth Kapoor. The show started at sharp 9.30 a.m. with the welcome speech by the principal Ms. Meena Kane and description about the whole idea of exhibition by the PYP Head Ms. Shalini Fate. It was a proud moment for the students and parents when they were awarded with the Graduation Certificates.

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