Activities and lots of fun

The Modern School organized a fun week for the pre-primary and primary section kids.

Students in the pre-primary section are the new lot that has been admitted to the school. For most of these children it was the first time that they were outside their homes, on their own without parents or family members. The fun week was organized in an effort to make these children comfortable with their new surroundings and open up with their teachers and new friends.

Fun and activities were the perfect antidote to do away with their anxieties and make them want to come back to school again.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Organization which the school has now adopted, as well as the KQES,  activities were organized in the fun week. The aim of the fun week was to help children become inquirers , explorers and learners along with enjoyable activities.

The First Aid box making activity was held to help in understanding the importance and relevance of first aid to the students. How to use it in the face of emergency, what medicines and objects should be included in it, which medicine should be used when ,etc.

The second activity was aimed at inculcating table manners and etiquettes in children and learn as well as explore about proper balanced diet. Children were asked to make table mats, prepare balanced diet charts and learn the do’s and dont’s of table etiquette.

The benefits of being organized and systematic were communicated to the students by asking them to prepare wall hanging table mat holders and file folders.

The fun week was concluded with the organizing of a fun tea party. Here students prepared alloo chat and lemonade on their own and then shared it with their friends.

All in all it was a fun filled week with activities that were enjoyable and at the same time educative.

Involving children in activities and preparations added to their interest levels. Benefits of good habits was clearly communicated to the children as they themselves became a part of the implementation process.

Values like sharing with friends, benefits of an organized and planned life, safety measures and healthy habits were learned by the children.

We here at modern believe that teaching along with fun activities and practical measures is the best way of imparting knowledge to students.

Hence the fun week came to an end leaving the kids with lots of fun filled memories and happy moments.



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