Field trip gives us a real life experience and teaches us a lot

Field trips are always remembered throughout our life as we learn by exploring and getting real life experience.

Grade Nursery children visited the fire station to extend their knowledge about fire fighters. They got a hands on-experience on fire safety and the very important community helper- the fire fighter. They watched how firefighters use their fire truck in an emergency. The fire fighters showed them the different equipment used by them and demonstrated the use of a fire extinguisher. Children were ecstatic when they saw a fire fighter slide down the pole. They were full of curious questions which were answered by the fire fighters. The firefighters were surprised by the children’s wit when they told them the emergency number which they can call on when a fire breaks out. It was a fun filled, informative experience which the children can use to associate with their immediate environment. Learners also visited police station, Hospital, Postoffice and Nursery. They explored and learnt how community helpers help us in our day to day life.

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