Exciting Art Exhibition and Bal mela at VMWC

School is referred to as the second mother of the child. It is a place where the child not only acquires knowledge, but also skills of being a leader, an inquirer, a creator, and to be innovative and independent.

A Bal Mela and Art Exhibition was organized by Vidyatree Modern World College on 28.10.2018(Sunday) from 12:00 noon to 4:00p.m.   The inflow of students, their parents, relatives and friends was quite a generous one. The stalls were  shone in the sunshine in vibrant colours with mouth watering fragrances wafting in the air. There were various dishes to be had like paani puri, chowmein , chicken biryani, momos, aloo chat and to top it all tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and paneer tikka!

There were numerous stalls displaying different types of games for entertainment. The Art Exhibition was a huge success and huge crowds waited impatiently to have a good look at each painting made by students of classes nursery to twelve. The paintings were based on the school philosophy like ‘Discipline Without Fear,’ ‘Learning Without Cramming’ and so on.

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