Educational Games for Kids


Educational video games are important for individualized learning, especially when there is a school close down. There are countless skills that students can develop through game playing such as critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. 

Some benefits of game-based learning

  • It helps with Hand-Eye Coordination. 
  • It improves Problem-Solving & Strategic Thinking. 
  • It expands Memory Capacity. 
  • It helps Kids Who Struggle with Attention Disorders. 
  • It can also help children to learn programming, coding, etc using video gameplay. 

The best educational games for kids

Android users

  • ABC Kids.
  • Duck Duck Moose.
  • Kids matching game.
  • Spelling game
  • Find the difference

I pad / I phone users

  • Maths Ninja:

Kids love ninjas (or the pop culture-glossy depiction of ninjas, anyways), and this game channels their enduring trend into extremely popular addition, subtraction, and multiplication games.

  • Stack the Countries:

Learn all about the countries of the world and their major cities through this incredibly engaging challenge asking users to make designs out of their varying shapes.

  • Highlights hidden Pictures:

Classic children’s magazine Highlights brings its widely beloved hidden pictures games to the iPad to delight another generation of kiddos needing to build cognitive skills.

  • LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker:

Encourage the kiddos to indulge their creative whims and edit their very own mini-films using favorite DC superheroes in LEGO form. Nobody can argue with Batman.

  • Math and Letters Air Control:

Like the title states, this great game teaches the basics of counting and basic math and the alphabet and basic parts of speech by indulging the imagination with thoughts of flying planes and helicopters.

  • Thinker Toy:

Play with tangram puzzles of famous landmarks, favorite animals, familiar objects, and more. Even customize some new ones to share with friends!

  • Tozzle:

42 puzzles teach toddlers how to recognize basic shapes while simultaneously helping to strengthen their basic eye-hand coordination.

  • Let’s Create! Pottery: 

Less messy (and expensive) than a pottery wheel, this app introduces creatively-leaning young players to the basics of crafting with clay and designing the finished results.

  • Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks:

The lightning-fast challenges presented here teach kids how to perform some basic and not-so-basic multiplication and division problems without a calculator or pencil and paper.

  • Story Wheel:

Spin a wheel and collect separate parts of a story to be assembled in the correct order; finished tales pop into life as animations!

  • What’s the Difference?:

Build the brain and sharpen observation skills by checking out two seemingly identical pictures side-by-side and spotting the departures in high-definition.

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