Educational Field trip to Imambara by Grade XI Humanities

Educational Trips give the ideas and opportunities to visit important places that help to visualize what students are learning at school. Not only it helps to develop the overall personality of the students but also it is beneficial for every student to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure to different places.
VIDYATREE MODERN WORLD COLLEGE organized an educational trip to Imambara, Lucknow on November 22nd, 2018 for the students of Class XI Humanities. The trip aimed to expose the children to new experiences so as to arouse interest in social science and understand the blending of Indo-Islamic architecture, life style, ancient water harvesting techniques adopted during the Navabi period.
The trip began with the visit to Bada Imambara which included the real life architectural examples of true arches, hemispherical domes, magnificent gateways, beautiful garden outlay and elevated platforms in Indo-Islamic architecture of the Mughal buildings. The students witnessed Asia’s largest hall built without any support of pillars or beams.

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