Dusshera Celebrations

Dusshera was celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in the school on Thursday 14th September 2010.

Children participated with enthusiasm and vigor in the various programmes.  the day started of with a Ramleela performed by the senior and primary children. Ravana’s roaring laughter and Kumbhkaran’s cry of “Jai Lankesh and “Har Har mahadev” were heartily applauded and cheered by the audience.

Shri Ram giving blessings to the crowd and sermons to Ravana was welcomed with cries of “Jai Shri Ram” by the students and others.

The Vanar sena (monkey army)and Asur sena (demon army)put up a great show with primary kids actually beating up each other black and blue. Teachers had to intervene and stop them before a real battle actually started.

Thereafter a Ravana effigy was burnt which had been prepared by the drawing teacher and children.

The celebrations were also used as an opportunity to give the message of goodness and victory of good over evil to the students and children.

All in all children had a great and enjoyable time celebrating Dusshera- the festival of joy, victory and goodness.

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