Dusshera Celebration at VMWC

We all got both LIGHT and DARK inside of us, What matters is the part we  choose to act on, That’s who we really are.

Dusshera depicts the end of darkness by lighting the lamp called ‘Purity of Soul’ and it celebrates triumph of Lord Ram’s good over Ravana’s evil. The yellow flame of fire burns the ten heads of Ravana symbolising LUST, DELUSION, ANGER, GREED, PRIDE, ENVY, EGO…. Thus, the dazzles of fire leaves a beginning of truth and purity after burning the darkness in us.

Following the past traditions and hailing our cultural heritage, We at VMWC celebrated Dusshera on 17th October. There was joy, colorsand brightness with girls in Ghagra and Choli and boys in Indian formals to celebrate the bloom of spirits.

Class 11th performed Ramleela with great ardor and enthusiasm. They brought the characters back to life and we felt like a part of the epic.

Class 12th made an embodiment of Ravana and the burn down was enjoyed by the whole school. The entire school danced to the beats of folk songs carrying with them the spark to choose the righteous path.

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