Dussehra Celebrations 2015

The day following Navratri known as Dussehra is the celebration of triumph of good over evil as it is the day when Lord Ram vanquished Ravana, the king of asuras.

Keeping this festive spirit alive, on 20th October, students of IB-PYP conducted a special assembly in the auditorium. Scenes from Ramayana were enacted to develop the mythological feeling among the students. The students dramatized the roles of the different characters from the epic. They were beautifully dressed in costumes and confidently delivered their dialogues. Their presentation was quite remarkable and liked by the audience.

As a ritual, every year class XII students enthusiastically make an effigy of Ravana. This year too, present class
XII worked hard and came up with an impressive effigy of Ravana. The students of Arts made ten faces of Ravana that looked rather real and students got thrilled to see it. A brief performance on Ram- Ravana battle, conquest of Lord Ram and his home coming with Ma Sita was shown in the school ground. The atmosphere filled with great fervour and slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ when Lord Ram set the effigy ablaze.

Such activities encourage the students to appreciate their culture and develop virtues that are desirable to make them a balanced individual.

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