Cognito: The Annual Science Model Exhibition Held at VMWC

The Vidyatree Modern World College held its Annual Science Models Exhibition titled as Cognito. The theme of this year’s exhibits was ‘Innovation for Sustainable Development’. Over two hundred models were designed and exhibited by the students from classes one to eleven. The inaugural lightning of the lamp ceremony was performed by the Founder of the school Shri Rakesh Kapoor and and patron Shri Nityanand Ji.  The models were presented on Green Energy, Innovation in Transport, Communication, Agricultural Technology, Smart City, Biodiversity and Environmental Solution etc.

With an endeavour to create and promote scientific temperament amongst the budding talents of the School, Cognito was numero uno platform. Innovative working models and and investigation based projects were the hallmarks of the event.

The parents of the students too were invited to be testimony of budding scientists and architects of future. The parents and the visitors were mesmerised by the creativity and implementation of new ideas and themes. The budding talents showcased the fact that the future of the nation is secure, sustainable and supreme. All the participants were found explaining projects to the visitors and answering querries with dexterity and precision. The event marked the scientific, logical and technological sound knowledge of the students. The participants had put in diligence and commitment to excel in the competition.

A jury comprising distinguished scientists and academic behemoths was entrusted with the task of judging the models. The jury lauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world become a better place to live in. Principal of the school Mr Prasenjit Chakraborty thanked all the participants and extolled them for generating and sustaining pathbreaking ideas in the field of science.

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