An inquiry into why do humans explore

As a PYP teacher, I began my unit of inquiry with a ‘Provocation’. It provokes learner’s curiosity, ideas, class discussions and interests.

So, I asked the learners some provocative questions like:

  • Why do humans explore?
  • How do humans explore?
  • Where do humans explore?
  • Which attributes or skills does human demonstrate during exploration?
  • Do you know any famous explorer?

These provocative questions helped me a lot to arouse curiosity among the learners. So, I gave them the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts which enhanced their thinking skills. It also promoted class discussions because it is the most important technique of constructivist learning. Now they were completely intrinsically motivated to inquire the topic.

Inquiry Process: –

Firstly, Learners were asked to write their thought of the word “Exploration” and learner profiles or skills were used to describe the actions of the explorers.

Learners were asked to make their own groups.  Each group then selected its explorers and began their inquiries through tabs, videos and books. To find more about the explorers, they framed many questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy. ex.

  • Which country they belong to and why did they come?
  • Which route did they choose?
  • What are the reasons for their explorations?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Marco Polo and Vasco Da Gama?

During the inquiry, I was observing my learners and found that everyone was involved and intrinsically motivated to learn.

Pallavi Mishra

HRT: 4 Blue

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