An Autobiography of Modern School

An autobiography of On-Line Off-campus Modern School, Lucknow during Covid19


Hello children! Can you recognize my voice? I am your dearest very own Modern School, Lucknow speaking. Oh! It’s been so long having seen your sweet faces as the school is closed after the exams and continues to remain closed due to pandemic in the country. Do you all know how much I miss you all? 

Here, I have got a humble submission to make, when we had school every day some of the times I used to be annoyed because of so much noise at high pitch level, lots of places used to be littered with paper pieces and toffee wrappers, it used to be a great job for ayah didi to keep the path, the ground and toilets clean the whole day. But now everything is neat and clean, the corridors, classrooms are all empty, the drained empty swimming pool – they are all longing for you all to come back to school. They are crying, saying when will the children come back. 

Without you, the playground is looking dull. Even after the school used to get over, the children used to come to play and the whole atmosphere used to vibrate with laughter- filled with happy voices of all of you. The main thing I am missing is the blissful echo of the soulful daily morning prayers of the whole school that used to vibrate all through and the atmosphere used to become pure and pious. 

Now I am waiting for the day when this crisis will get over and I will see you all, your smiling sweet faces on my premises. Till then keep yourself healthy, happy, and safe. Keep smiling! So long!

Devraj Roy Chudhary

Grade 5 Red

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