Alarming Fact of Indian Education System: An inquiry done by PYP 3

With an alarming population of 1.37 billion, a country like India is expected to have tremendous talent but the whole irony of the situation is that at the international level we are standing so low. According to the statistics the education system of India ranks 131 out of 188 countries.

To discuss this sad and pitiful state we the teachers of PYP 3 started with the inquiry on ranking of education system in India stated the discussion with some provocation questions like-

  • What do you understand by ranking?
  • What do you think where India stands at the international level of education system?
  • What do you think why does the Indian education stands so low in ranking?
  • What we can do to improve the current education system?

These provocative questions started a hustle amongst the students and they became super excited and engrossed in the whole scenario. The answers and reasons that they gave were overwhelming.

Some of them said that India must be ranking 10th; some said 25th, some said 80th…but none of them gave answers beyond 100 because they were of this opinion that India cannot be so low in the ranking.

After a long discussion we decided to find it out for ourselves, so we checked on internet and the result was very disappointing for them as Indian rank was 131 out of 188.

The brainstorming session started among the students that why we stand so low in international ranking? The students started thinking and analyzing. Some of their reasons were-

  1. We are learning the same thing (in many schools) that our parents and grandparents learned in their time. Technology has changed very rapidly but our education system remains same.
  2. In ancient time education was skill based like we are getting it here in Vidyatree Modern. They gave the example of king who used to go to ashram and learn the life skills by doing it.

As the time passed the British people came to India and they changed the education system from skill based to memory based education.

After finding the reasons students started thinking to improve the current education system and gave some suggestions for it.

  • Write a letter to our PM Mr. Narendra Modi telling about our 21st centuary education system provided here in Vidyatree Modern World College should be provided to all the children to improve the quality of Indian education system.
  • To spread awareness about the importance of 21st centuary education by making a chain of 3.

Now the students are curious to know about the countries whose education system is among the top 5 and which type of education they are providing to the students.

And the inquiry continues………


By- Varsha Mishra, Shalini Singh

Special Thanks -Swapnila Pandey, Jaya Mishra

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