A butterfly out of the cocoon, a journey of my development as a teacher

A butterfly out of the cocoon, a journey of my development as a teacher

Benjamin Franklin apparently said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” Hundreds of years later in the present scenario the researchers discovered that new technology plays a very small role, rather effective learning possessed by the thriving students is due to amazing teachers. We have to acknowledge that teaching is a highly complex skill, it requires a great understanding of the subject matter and to explain complexities in a simplified manner. It requires a great understanding of psychology, pedagogy, and a great range of class management skills.

According to me teaching is like a craft rather than an abstract science. Nobody is perfect from the very initial phase; great skills come from training and experience. As learning is a continuous cycle, it contributes to the increment of knowledge of all the people involved in it. In my interaction with the students I learned that I need to pay individual attention to each and every one of them as they are all different, it requires great psychological skills and knowledge to troubleshoot their problems and make them learn the right thing. I learned that greeting each student individually makes them feel welcomed and acknowledge their existence, this makes them feel excited and the bond between the students and the teacher grows stronger. To preserve the excitement and attention of the students I tell them many different stories and engage them in such activities that spark their imagination. Earlier I found that many students in my class lacked the zeal and the confidence to participate in any activity. Thus I started motivating them which gave them the confidence to cope up with the hesitation to participate in the competitions and even winning them. I realized that during this process there was a great transformation in my own personality. I became mentally stronger and there was a huge boost in my confidence.

Good training is the most prominent thing that is provided by a great institution, and I appreciate Modern School, Lucknow for providing me the skill and mindset to become a responsible teacher. The curriculum and methodology are so interesting and advanced that I enjoy a lot during my classes. While mentoring the students I got tutored by them as well. Their reactions are like feedback to me which made me realize the flaws in my efforts so that I can rectify them and develop as a better teacher. I am also enjoying being part of the learning cycle which goes on forever.  

School director’s remark: Dear educator, congratulations. Being like Einstein! The school is committed to the continuous development of teachers. Children and teachers learn together.

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