Building self-confidence among children

8 tips to build self-confidence among children

Dear Parents,

The school has an extensive transformative educational program to build self confidence among children. In fact not only  the system transforms them, the overall culture of the system builds up their sense of a positive outlook towards themselves. In case the school’s efforts are complimented by the parental efforts at home, the children will have double the benefit. We shall be happy if you can share with us the results of your efforts, at home, to build your child’s self-confidence.

– Principal


1. Praise actions: Provide specific praise about actual actions performed and efforts made in the process. If praise is only attached to success, kids become focused on “winning”.

2. Identify strengths: Be sure to point out your child’s strengths regularly and, again, be specific.

3. Foster a sense of belonging: Show your children that they are important by listening to and responding to their needs and ideas. As much as possible, save grown up conversations for later so that you can have family conversations. Try to address their concerns as they arise, no matter how minor.

4. Celebrate small steps:  Choose attainable challenges for your kids and celebrate the small successes along the way. If we only celebrate the end goal, they will evaluate their self-worth based on whether or not they cross the finish line.

5. Encourage talents:  Let your child focus on their strengths and talents. Try not to force certain sports or activities just because they’re readily available or other kids are involved.

6. Be affectionate: Be generous with hugs, kisses, and I love yous. They thrive on affection. It helps them feel loved and secure.

7. Join with your child: Join in when your child engages in his favorite activity.  Ask questions. Take an interest.

8. Foster independence: Teach problem solving skills. Step back and let them work on challenges before jumping in to help. Help by asking, “how can we do this in a different way? Let’s come up with some ideas together.”

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