5 Brain Teasers for Middle School Children (ages 11-15)

5 Brain Teasers for Middle School Children (ages 11-15)

  1. There was a King. A renowned saint was supposed to visit him. He wanted to give gold to the saint, equal to the weight on which date the saint will visit him. So he called a goldsmith and ordered him to make gold coins weighing from 1gm to 31gm. The goldsmith was a smart man. He just made 5 coins, and the purpose of the king was solved. Can you guess the weights of the five coins that the goldsmith made?

2. A banana seller launched a scheme. The cost of 1 banana is Rs 1/=, and if you return 3 banana peels, you will get one more banana. A person purchased bananas for Rs 21.  How many total bananas will he get?

3. How many triangles can you find in this picture?

4. Which 3 snooker balls can be placed on the holes to make the points 30?

5. How many squares are there in this figure ?

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