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The Annual Day comprised of 22 cultural programs. The Children presented in the form of various dances, songs and skit. All the programs were well appreciated by all the Guests and Parents

IB Philosophy by Grade I
Ganesha Vandana
Ganesha by Grade II

(From Right to Left) The Guest of Honour Prof. Alok Dhawan, Director at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Our Chief Guest for the event Prof. Rakesh Kapoor, Director at SGPGI and  with the Chairman of the School’s Advisory Council Hon. Justice D.K Trivedi (Retd), Dr. Nitya Anand  ji, Founder of the School Mr and Mrs. Rakesh Kapoor, Our Distinguished Alumni for the year 2016-17 Mr. Pankaj Agarwal with our Director Siddhartha Kapoor

The Tradition of passing on the values learnt by senior most Vidyatree Modernite, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award, to the junior most Vidyatree Modernite

Vidyatree Modern World College (previously The Modern School) had its 37th Annual Day Celebrations on 18th December, 2016 in its school campus. The Chief Guest for the event was Prof. Rakesh Kapoor, Director at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute and the Guest of Honour was Prof. Alok Dhawan, Director at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research. The Chairman of the School’s Advisory Council Hon. Justice D. K Trivedi (Retd.) presided over the event with Dr. Nitya Anand ji and the founder of the School Mr. Rakesh Kapoor. The Event was well enjoyed by the Guests. They were amazed to see the confidence and appreciated the children for their efforts and hard work and congratulated the school for the improvement they have brought in the Children.

Our melodious choir singing Beautiful Sunday
Vrindavan by Grade III
Aerobics by Grade V
Namami Gange by Grade IV
Dramatics at VMWC
Pyramid Girls

The School established and gave away for the first time ‘The Distinguished Alumni Award’ to Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Chancellor Ram Swaroop Memorial University. Pankaj had graduated from the school in 1992 and went on to be a Gold Medalist from IIT-Kanpur. Pankaj was overwhelmed to be in in presence of his former teachers including the Founder of the School Mr. Rakesh Kapoor. Even 24 years later he was thankful to the school for the values and confidence instilled in him.

The Principal, Ms. Meena Kane, presented the Annual Report of the school which showed the excellence school has achieved in fields like creativity, academics, intelligence and confidence.

The Annual Day comprised of 22 Cultural Programs and kids from Nursery till Class 11th. The programs were highly appreciated by everyone. The wonderful and much liked play based on ‘Chanakya’ was performed by the students of Grade 6th to 8th under the guidance of School’s Dramatics Teacher Lalit Sir. Some of the other appreciated programs were ‘Earth is our Home’ by our toddlers of Grade Prep, ‘Face off’ by Grade 9, ‘Namaste India’ by Grade 4, 6 and 8 and ‘Namami Gange’ by Grade 4. The Choir sang beautiful songs which made the atmosphere all the more melodious. Even though it was a 3 hours show but The Guests enjoyed the show thoroughly and not only of their kids but also of other kids. In this bitterly cold weather, the ceremony gave a warm feeling to all the Parents, students and Guests that Vidyatree Modern Family has the strength, unity and togtherness

Responsibility is my duty by Grade Nursery

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