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I am confident that I made the best choice for my children

Kunal Kulsheshtra
VMWC is a very good school. I believe in empowering children to be independent. I believe that IB is the best way to develop alive for learning and Iam glad and grateful that VMWC is doing this. The way VMWC teachers have helped my kids to develop their individuality, while at the same time emphasizing self discipline and respect towards others has truly been a heartening experience. My kids have truly blossomed over the past years academically and socially.
The class structure provides a sense of comfort and my kids just seems to thrive in their learning environment. The school also continues to add additional activities to educational programs like Yoga,  Swimming and many other outdoor and as well as indoor activities.
VMWC is the perfect blend of academics, culture appreciation and socialization. They foster independence, creativity and a genuine pride in learning in all of their students. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks and learning experience.
And am Confident that I made the BEST choice for my children ?

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