Our Mission

Modern School aims to make children capable of living a balanced life: physically, emotionally healthy and with high emotional intelligence, higher-order thinking skills including and creativity. And a commitment towards the welfare of the world.

Modern School has never conducted itself as an  educational business. The school was founded as  a tribute to the founder’s teacher, Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti,  thee new-Buddhist.

The school has never  taken any decision which will lead  to profit while  sacrifiing the children’s educational interest. The school has  been the first in the country and the city of Lucknow in many educational innovations for the benefit of children.


We welcome parents and alumni to support the mission of the school by donating funds to the school’s not-for-profit Society. Donations may be made in one of the following heads.

Yoga Day

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Covid Lockdown Support

During Covid19 the school is running online off-campus classes so that children’s  lives go on in an  orderly manner,  and syllabuses are completed in time.

All the teachers are making a lot of extra effort to organize the off-campus school. We are happy to share that a large number of  parents have thanked the school for this online school  system.

But the fixed cost of running the school continues. And all staff continue to get good salaries. But many parents are unable to pay fee to the school on time.

The school seeks support in this regard, so that the school may continue to. imaprt educattion with minimal disruption.

Academic Scholarship

Support the scholarship fund for acheiving students, or institute a new one for a specific subject or academic acheivement.

Cognito - Creativity Fair Award

Supports awards for the Science Cognito and Maths Cognito, the annual creativity fairs.

Campus improvement

Support the upgradation of existing school facilities or new infastructure projects. Currently the school is looking for support for the following:

  • Artifical grass on the grounds
  • New furniture for middle and senior school
How to donate

You may donate in multiples of Rs.5000 with minimum donation of Rs.5000.  One of the following methods may be used.

Lernio (for existing school parents only)
Online payment gateway (coming soon)

Get started

Click buttton below and fill the attached form. We shall contact you promptly to facilitate the donation.