The Modern School who truly understood us..

The Modern has been truly an alma mater for me, though I have only spent two years of my life here (XI & XII) but they indeed turned out to be the most formative years of my life.

The best part about the school is the group of teachers who act like true mentors when it comes to shaping the child’s future and may be this is the reason that I have made sure that all my siblings also be the part of this great institution to frame their future!!

What ever success story I have, a great part of it is because of The Modern which never made me follow a clichéd path but nurtured me to be the best of what I am as an individual.

The one thing I really remember about the school was playing basketball in the rain which otherwise would have been a matter of rebuke for a student but thanks to The Modern who truly understood us.

Roma Bachchani (ISC 2003)

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