The interviewer wrote -Excellent Critical thinking Skills- on my papers

“Learning without Cramming” was what teachers at Modern School always told us and Trust me it really makes us life long learners. *I am proud and glad to have spent 13 years of my life being nurtured and protected in such an environment*.

I am currently pursing my bachelors in Electrical and Electronics and I am also placed in Cognizant and Capegemini in the very first attempt.

My school helped me to carry myself confidently and lead people which made me the  HEAD SENATE of my specialised field in my four years at my college. My teachers always focused on real life application and depth knowledge of concepts and I think that helped me crack all my interviews.

I’ll like to share an instance of my placement interview where in I was asked if I could explain “Polymorphism” to them and the first thing that came to my mind was when taught in school Ma’am stated to look for different tables, which can have different forms. I gave the same example to explain my concept thoroughly and the interviewer wrote -Excellent Critical thinking Skills- on my papers.


Proudly a Modernite Forever

Anushka Johari (batch 2015-16)

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