Flame for excellence

Anurag Bhatnagar (ISC2000)

Anurag Bhatnagar (ISC2000)

I am one of those students who applied to The Modern in class 11th and was listed on the waiting list to get admission. My father was in a transferable job and was never able to stick to one school and had a really bad academic record. When I say really bad it meant I had report cards full of red marks stating fail in 10 out of 15 subjects.

After the final list was out I found my name on it and that day fortune played a important role in my life. My first week in The Modern changed my attitude towards life drastically. Learning without cramming, Discipline without fear, Excellence without stress, Relationships of unconditional positive regard was seriously ingrained in the school system. I decided to try and catch up with my bright school mates all in studies, sports & true lifetime friendship, that was the point I started a new life with a new flame inside me. Two years was too less to catch up with the real Modernites who were there from last 10 to 12 years, but still I was able to groom my self as an individual to get a score of 74% in my class 12th.

But story of the flame didn’t die after 12th class. I later joined an engineering college and was one of the top 5 Students in my Electronics and Communication Branch. I later joined Reliance Communications & practiced all my knowledge of Engineering. I worked with them for 1.5 years and moved ahead in life & joined TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). Soon I became one of the youngest Project Lead & also received a TCS Star Employee award. This moment was captured by Times of India and I was on the newspaper too 🙂 . Now a days I am in Silicon Valley, California working as a Project Lead for EMC – Storage Technology Project. I still play football for TCS Team and regularly meet my lifetime Modern Friends.

So this is the flame for excellence I got from The Modern and will keep it for a lifetime as this is the most precious gift for me.

I remember the following the most about The Modern: 1. Development of integrity of character; 2. Football Ground; 3. Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor, Meena Maam and all other teachers


  • Every school gives memories..that’s true..
    Bt unlike the usual principals in college, Ma’am Meena was a really down-to-earth person,really amicable and understanding (obviously, we were needed to be tamed at times)!
    The school gave me a lot of memories, few of which were undoubtedly embarrassing but ever thing was a learning experience for me!
    The dance parties were fun gatherings!
    It feels slightly sad that we weren’t fortunate enough to get the International Education at our time..
    But there’s no regret about that since whatever education we got was good..the teachers being good!
    I feel I had a complete time being in college and the vital philosophies of ‘Learning Without Cramming’ and ‘Discipline Without Fear’ were really helpful in shaping my personality because its only the understanding part that helps one later and not sheer mugging up, alongside being self-disciplined!!
    I also wanna appreciate the idea of ‘Alumni Meets’ because its a great way out to be back seeing old faces and meeting old friends and teachers every year and keep bonds intact!
    At last,
    I wish to thank my school for everything that it has given me and say that ‘I MISS IT’!!

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