I used to love even the morning assembly…

With the blessings of my teachers, presently I am pursuing my BBA from Amity University, Lucknow. Presently I am in my first year, so the journey has just started and hope to go a long way. I wish in the coming years I make my school and my teachers feel proud.

Something that I remember most about my school are definitely the debate competitions and yes…the most interesting part,  my games period in which I used to have loads of fun. Even I used to love the morning assembly and exercise which was extremely refreshing. The debate competitions and various activities helped us to develop our confidence.

College life is something new to experience. We move out from our protective dens and try to face various aspects of life. It’s just a beginning but has given lot of lessons. I want to say this that The Modern has an extremely good image in society. When one of my faculty members asked me that from which school I am and I told them my school name, so they said that The Modern is an extremely good school. This really made me feel very happy.

Kriti Pant (ISC2008)

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