The Modern has shaped the way I look towards life.

Apoorv Kishore (ISC2001)

Apoorv Kishore (ISC2001)

I am about to complete MS in computer Science from University of California, Davis and it seems like only yesterday when I was in the grounds of The Modern playing cricket or doing aerobics after the assembly. It has been 8 years now since I passed out and they have passed like a breeze just because of the kind of environment I was schooled in.

My experience with the school has really helped me cope up with the extreme demands of life. The basic principles that made the foundation of The Modern have shaped the way I look towards life. It has made me look positively at life even if it is one of the worst situations. It has made me realize that the most important thing in life is the people you love and any achievement or happiness is trivial if it is not shared by your friends and family. It is important to work hard not only towards your studies but towards your relationships as well. Not every school teaches these lessons and believe me they are imperative to be a successful and happy person.

I am happy to realize today that I have not sidelined my responsibilities towards the people in my life because of work or studies and vice versa. Both of the things are important and it is hard to find a balance between them. But with the kind of education that I have got from my parents and The Modern, I have been able to find that balance and hope to maintain it.

One thing that most admired about the school and would always remember is that there was no pressure on the students; but still everyone was able to score good marks. I remember that our batch had a very good overall average in 10th as well as 12th board exams. Everyone that I am in touch with is doing well. And all this without the usual cramming and fear techniques that are used by the other famous schools.

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